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iCIMS Helps Rydon Build a Strong Foundation for Recruitment

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  • Considerate Constructors Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards
  • Construction Manager of the Year Award
  • In-House Customer Satisfaction Gold Award
  • Building Awards Housing Project of the Year
  • Best Large Development – London Evening Standard New Home Awards
  • Housing Innovation Awards 2017 Most Innovative Regeneration Scheme
  • Considerate Constructors Most Considerate Company 2016
  • Sussex Super Growth Award, 2017 & 2018

From its beginnings in 1978, Rydon has grown into a multi-faceted company delivering award-winning, quality facilities built for local communities with a commitment from people who are passionate about what they do. Rydon aims to improve local communities – through housing, healthcare and education solutions – for the benefit of current and future generations. Rydon builds and maintains homes, schools and hospitals as well as extra care facilities, student accommodations, community leisure centres and more

The Challenge

Rydon Group began to anticipate significant growth when client partnerships and demand for quality project delivery both increased, but with a convoluted candidate experience and astronomically high agency costs, Rydon began to realise that its old-fashioned approach to recruitment could not sustain its growing business. With a focus on quality, commitment and passion, Rydon knew it needed a solution that could help set it apart from competitors and stay ahead of the curve in the construction industry – which often has more vacancies than applicants.

In 2013, head of resourcing and development, James O’Loughlin was hired to help rebuild Rydon’s recruitment process from the ground up. With O’Loughlin on board, the search began for a mobile-optimised talent acquisition platform that could improve Rydon’s candidate experience and accelerate the hiring process. “Since candidate experience was less of a consideration upon joining Rydon, I made it my mission to begin obsessing over it,” said O’Loughlin. At the time, Rydon’s application process was done in one of two ways: through an outside agency or a paper form. With a significantly low number of applicants, it was clear that without the help of a new system, continuing down this path would make hiring nearly impossible.

How iCIMS Helped

iCIMS enables Rydon to showcase its brand and attract candidates via its career page by sharing employee profiles that highlight company culture and foster excitement about building a career at Rydon.

“An organisation is reflected through its application process. If that process is complicated or old-fashioned, it’s not a place where candidates will want to work,” said O’Loughlin. iCIMS helped streamline Rydon’s candidate experience to ensure that candidates who are eager to work at Rydon are not put off by a long and complicated application process. “Candidates have candidly told us how easy our application process is, even going as far as saying it’s one of the easiest they’ve ever done,” added O’Loughlin.

As a result of its improved candidate experience, Rydon has seen outstanding improvements, including a 250 percent increase in the average number of application submissions per role. Additionally, Rydon’s application completion time has been cut down to around just eight minutes, while also benefiting from a 66 percent reduction in time-to-fill. “iCIMS has allowed us to make it easy and attractive for candidates to apply for a job with us. As a result, we’re winning the time of those candidates over competitors with longer and more complicated-looking processes,” said O’Loughlin.

Maintaining an 80 percent direct-hire rate, iCIMS is even helping Rydon stay 20 percent above the industry standard, which is benchmarked at 60 percent. “We’re now recruiting right from within our iCIMS platform rather than external sources. Before iCIMS, agency volume accounted for 90 percent of our recruitment. The costs were astronomical,” added O’Loughlin. With iCIMS, Rydon has benefited from an incredible 85 percent reduction in average cost-per-hire.





To further enhance the candidate experience, Rydon also uses Connect, the iCIMS candidate relationship management product, to keep candidates engaged for future positions. Rydon creates talent pools in Connect to build a warm pipeline of candidates to maintain regular contact with, even if an opening is not currently available. “With Connect, our candidate pipeline has greatly increased and we’re able to easily stay engaged with candidates who may be a good fit for future openings. We also use it as a referral source,” said O’Loughlin.

Differing from Rydon’s experience with other providers, customer support from iCIMS continues to stand out. “iCIMS is quick to respond and resolve the issue the first time around,” said O’Loughlin. Rydon looks forward to seeing its business continue to thrive, knowing it has a trusted partner in iCIMS to help win the best talent. O’Loughlin added, “It’s great that iCIMS is constantly investing into the platform and developing a pipeline of new features for us. It has been a truly fantastic partnership.”

“iCIMS has allowed us to make it easy and attractive for candidates to apply for a job with us. As a result, we are winning the time of those candidates over competitors with longer and more complicated-looking processes.”

James O’Loughlin,
head of resourcing and development, Rydon