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Real Estate Company Improves Recruiting Productivity & Streamlines Offer Process

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IMT Residential, a multifamily property management company established in 1992, grew rapidly to more than 600 associates supporting roughly 60 high-end apartment communities across seven U.S. states. In 2018 alone, the company added 12 communities to their portfolio by acquiring nine sites, and finishing construction and opening three additional sites. It’s a fast-paced environment in which they need to recruit and hire people to support the business.

Before adopting Offer – iCIMS’ job offer management solution – IMT’s small team of recruiters relied on a time-consuming manual process, which involved multiple steps for recruiters and candidates. Today, IMT’s recruiters have access to a dozen different job offer templates from a single location, the iCIMS Offer Centre, making it easier to extend the right offer terms quickly.

“Now we can go to iCIMS with all our offer letters, whereas before we would only go to iCIMS with our common scenarios – that’s a really great change. Now that it’s all in iCIMS, it’s smoother for candidates and recruiters regardless of the specifics involved.”

-Jana Frazier,, director of recruiting and engagement, IMT Residential

Whether backfilling a role or hiring staff for a newly constructed or acquired community, it’s now easier for IMT’s recruitment team to issue offer letters with the correct language. For instance, when IMT acquires new sites, they’re making offers before closing on the property with all important contingency terms. iCIMS also enables IMT Residential to:

  1. Drive employee turnover below industry average, by improving the quality of hire.
  2. Be productive by running their entire hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, candidate to associate.
  3. Stay top-of-mind with applicant pools by using iCIMS Connect to send email blasts when a new site opens and several jobs need to be filled at once.
  4. Track progress, approvals and ROI of recruiting efforts at every step using customisable dashboards.
  5. Organise hiring on one centralised platform, improving communications with site managers across 60+ locations. Prior to 2013, all talent acquisition activity from advertising, interview and selection was handled by the site-level manager. Today, managers interview a few quality candidates sourced and selected by the recruiting team. This enables managers to focus on running the business, and leave sourcing and screening to their fully dedicated, trained, experienced and highly

“Creating and modifying a job offer template is really easy. The ease of use for the administrator, the recruiting team, and the candidates is great and very straightforward. The Offer product presents the company as professional and organised, aligning with our motto of Putting You First, considering both the associate and candidate experience.”

-Jana Frazier, director of recruiting and engagement, IMT Residential