Get Offer Letters Out Faster to Avoid Losing Prospective Hires

iCIMS Offer is the only end-to-end job offer management software solution on the market today. Now, you can manage the entire offer process within one software. Reduce manual tasks, eliminate multiple point solutions, limit compliance risk and get offer letters out faster — before you lose candidates to the competition.


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Automate the offer management process to drive results

Offer letter templates for different roles in offer management software iCIMS Offer

Master the Job Offer Process Better Than the Competition

Most organisations stumble during the critical job offer stage, losing top talent to competitors because of a lack of recruiting efficiency. With iCIMS Offer, you’ll set your brand apart and extend an experience that far surpasses the competition.

Provide Professional Offer Letters

Job offer management is an extension of the candidate experience. Improve job offer acceptance rates with professional, branded offer letters that you can get out to candidates faster.

Manage Offers at Scale

Trade in one-off offer letters for configurable offer letter templates. Included are clause management tools to ensure accurate, pre-approved offer letter language.

Create Repeatable Approval Processes

Expedite offer letter acceptance with a repeatable, scalable and compliant process during this critical stage of the recruiting lifecycle.

E-Signature Integration

Quickly integrate with DocuSign to generate a link for candidates to click and e-sign their offer letter, speeding up the time-to-hire.

Automate Processes to Avoid Compliance Risks

Manual processes are inefficient and error-prone, exposing your business to risk. Automation offers better template and clause management. Reduce compliance risks, streamline processes and free up time for recruiters.

Solidify Candidate Relationships

Lengthy offer processes discourage candidates and open a window for the competition to step in. Staying agile and responsive demonstrates your commitment to candidates and strengthens your relationship with them.

Reduce Costs and Stay on Track to Hit Business Goals

Unfilled positions cost your organisation money, and the lengthier the offer process, the longer these positions stay open. Get great talent in your doors faster to fulfill business objectives and deliver bottom line results.

"iCIMS Offer gives businesses the tools they need to create a repeatable, consistent process to manage offers, and reduces the risk of losing candidates so late in the recruiting process. iCIMS Offer improves the hiring experience for candidates, recruiters and line Managers."
– Research Manager, Emerging Trends & Technologies, Talent Acquisition & Staffing Services, IDC

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