Welcome New Hires With Best-in-Class Employee Onboarding Software

The time and cost associated with finding and hiring new candidates are so high. Don’t risk losing steam once they accept your offer. iCIMS Onboard engages new hires through interactive processes, tasks and electronic forms that set them up for success as soon as they walk in the door.

Improve efficiency and communication with task management software

Make Managing Tasks Easy

Keep the administrative process moving seamlessly with task management software that gives you the ability to create, assign and manage employer and new hire tasks, all in one place.

Onboard at Scale with Ease

If your organisation is looking to grow, anticipates seasonal hiring demands, hires hourly workers or is challenged with high turnover, employee onboarding software should be prioritised. iCIMS Onboard is the fastest way to get them up and running.

Use pre-loaded templates from our employee onboarding software

Create it Once, Use Again Later

iCIMS Onboard allows you to tailor the new hire onboarding process based on department, location and more and to save the templates you create to be used again later. No more losing time or efficiency by repeating processes. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with new hires and making them feel at home in your organisation.

Make the right first impression with new hire onboarding portals

Keep New Hires Engaged from Day One

Ensure new hires feel welcomed and prepared for their role with the support of new hire onboarding portals. These dynamic websites are the easiest way to get new hires up to speed and improve their time to productivity. Engaging, automated and user friendly, our portals make it easy to organise and manage new hire tasks and forms — all while helping your company showcase its unique brand and culture.

Centralise forms and reporting with iCIMS’ employee onboarding software

Go Paperless with I-9 and E-Verify Management

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and greet new hires with a seamless I-9 and E-Verify process that uses electronic onboarding forms. Automate preparation, signing, management and auditing of Form I-9s, and use automatic E-Verify® submission.

Stay Compliant

All forms are safely stored within the iCIMS platform to help you stay compliant. Additionally, an intuitive form guide helps new hires complete forms correctly, ensuring error-free data from the start.

Get a Centralised Reporting View

iCIMS Onboard works in conjunction with other supporting HR technologies, such as WOTC, HCM and payroll systems. Dramatically streamline the onboarding process across different technologies, and get a centralised reporting view across all your onboarding practices.

Push candidates directly to your HCM or payroll system

Eliminate the Need for Complex Integrations

Keeping new hires in your candidate system of record until their start date ensures consistency and keeps candidate data more organised. Once personnel arrive for their first day, their candidate records can be seamlessly transitioned over to your HCM, ERP, payroll or other employee system of record to continue the onboarding process.

Pre-built integrations with leading HCM providers, such as ADP and Ultimate Software, make the transition easy, with clean data exchanged and limited IT support needed.

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