Engage Candidates in Real-Time and at Scale with this Customisable AI Assistant

ARI simplifies the recruiting process and powers scale by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks and intelligently engaging candidates across the entire hiring lifecycle. Now you can stay high-touch while being as hands-off as you want.

Powered by conversational AI, Ari speaks the candidate’s language

Leverage Advanced Technology Without Sounding Robotic

Through sentiment analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing, ARI learns from the more than 10M messages sent through the platform per month. It gets smarter with each interaction, more closely anticipating patterns and questions as it goes. The result is a natural and dynamic interaction that enhances candidate engagement.

Engage Candidates When and How They Want

Available 24/7 in multiple languages on any website, across text, chat, and communication apps like Facebook Messenger, ARI goes everywhere candidates do. Deploy it on career pages, social sites, and through on and offline job ads to extend your reach and maintain communication with more of the right candidates.

Increase Agility with Automated Workflows You Control

Scale resources and eliminate gaps in communication by choosing where in the hiring lifecycle you want to automate. It’s not all or nothing – with iCIMS ARI, you have the flexibility to enable and disable automation as needed.

Automate repetitive tasks to let recruiters focus on relationship-building

Capture Leads and Let Candidates Apply With Ease

ARI makes it simple to automate response and data capture from bulk text campaigns. It also gives candidates an easy way to apply by texting keywords to short codes, which gets them in the pipeline faster. Job matching capabilities let you connect candidates with the right position to increase conversions.

Manage the Pipeline to Keep It Fresh

Keep your pipeline active by reengaging passive candidates. Create automated text campaigns to keep profiles fresh and talent pools aware of relevant job opportunities. You’ll help improve and accelerate their recruitment journey.

Prescreen and Qualify at Scale

Intelligently qualify applicants via text or live chat to get to top talent faster. You can screen 1:1 or at scale to bring a larger pool of quality candidates into the pipeline. You’ll also remove unconscious bias from the screening process, enabling you to stay compliant.

Schedule Interviews in No-Time Flat

Automate scheduling to improve recruiter productivity and candidate experiences. You can offer candidates a branded view of recruiter availability, links to calendars, and personalised confirmations to engage professionally. ARI syncs with popular calendars like Google, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office 365, and supports phone or onsite scheduling/rescheduling.

ARI, who we’ve affectionately named Ellie, works for us as we sleep – and during off-hours too – chatting with candidates.”

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