high volume recruiting

Recruiting software that balances high touch with high volume

When labour markets are tight and you’re recruiting thousands of candidates at once, there’s no margin for error. You have to get their attention, keep the right ones in the pipeline and screen the wrong ones out – quickly and at scale. The twist? You have to do it all in a way that feels personal because as industry leaders know, even high volume recruiting requires a high-touch candidate experience.

iCIMS helps clients – many with global workforces in excess of 100K employees – fill jobs faster. Our exclusive focus on recruiting means we have the expertise to solve the unique challenges of high volume hiring. Now, you can manage seasonal hiring spikes, high turnover, new location openings and more, without sacrificing the personal touch that candidates demand.

"On average, it costs almost $3,400 to find, hire,
and train a replacement for a retail employee earning $10 per hour."
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