iCIMS Monthly Hiring Indicator

The iCIMS Monthly Hiring Indicator (MHI) measures job openings and new hires based on iCIMS data and is generated by user activity within our platform. iCIMS processes more than three million jobs and 75 million applications a year. While iCIMS supports employers across the globe, the MHI is based on US hiring activity only. These figures represent both indexes of hiring activity and their month-over-month percentage change by using a fixed panel of customers.

  • The index for new hires measures the number of new hires in a given month, relative to a July 2015 value of 100.

  • The index for new openings measures the number of new jobs opened over the course of a given month, relative to a July 2015 value of 100. By contrast, job openings reported by the federal government reflect jobs left vacant at the end of each month.

December 2018


1.3% 129.2


1.5% 142.4

Comparisons to BLS Data
Job Openings


BLS = U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

NSA = not seasonally adjusted

SA = seasonally adjusted

MoM% Change = month-over-month percentage change