Have a question for us? We have answers! Learn more about our customer support, how we help customers migrate to our software and how we integrate with other HR solution providers in the iCIMS FAQs below. If you're one of our current customers, be sure to visit us on the iCARE™ Customer Support site for more helpful answers and resources.

What types of clients does iCIMS work with primarily?
While iCIMS supports customers across all industries, locations and sizes, we primarily serve enterprise and mid-market businesses.
What kind of support and training can I expect to receive during the implementation process and after we go live with the system?
Customer support teams are assigned to each customer. They consist of a dedicated implementation team experienced in large-scale project management and an account manager who serves as a resource for product interests and contractual matters. All iCIMS customers benefit from on-site FastTrack training at our headquarters and 24x5 customer support. In addition, customers have access to an online community with forums, on-demand training resources and best practices, as well as our complimentary regional customer feedback and networking event series. Customers can choose to take their experience to the next level with the iCIMS Premium Success Plan. The plan guarantees iCIMS? fastest disaster recovery, accelerated SLAs, 99.99% platform availability and exclusive access to iCIMS system experts through premium engagements. Regardless of support package, all users have access to our iCARE Customer Support site, which houses our comprehensive knowledge base featuring articles, chaptered training videos and short learning clips.
Can the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform integrate with other HR technologies that my company uses?
Absolutely. We’ve developed iCIMS UNIFi, a unique PaaS approach that merges our customers' talent acquisition world into one holistic experience for actionable insight. Through our marketplace, clients have access to a large talent acquisition ecosystem in areas such as background checks, assessments, sourcing solutions and more, all of which can be easily integrated with iCIMS technology. Learn more about iCIMS UNIFi.
Is the system reliable? Is there any downtime?
The iCIMS Talent Platform has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the stringent delivery and performance standards of our more than 4,000 contracted customers and nearly two million users across the globe. Committed to providing our customers with security and premium infrastructure, iCIMS maintains a fully cloud-hosted environment in the US and the EU and a data centre in Canada to ensure that customer data are safe, secure and compliant. iCIMS solutions are among the most reliable in the industry, supporting a system that's among the fastest and most responsive available to HR professionals today.
Are there configuration fees?
The majority of all changes to the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform are classified as configurations that can be made in the system free of charge. The platform is built on a single source code that utilises an on/off approach to its features, which makes it easy for customers to configure the platform at will.
Can iCIMS support my needs for the long term? How does the software account for future growth?
iCIMS powers the recruitment operations of the world's most premiere enterprise businesses, which have thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of applicants and integrations at scale. The platform is designed to be flexible, configurable and scalable to accommodate growth and changes stemming from M&A, global expansion and more. Additionally, we work closely with enterprise customers to understand their business technology needs so that we can align our own product roadmap to support their evolving talent acquisition strategies.
Does iCIMS have experience migrating customers from my current solution provider?
iCIMS has successfully migrated customers over to the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform from virtually every commercial recruiting solution, including but not limited to Taleo (Oracle), SuccessFactors (SAP), Kenexa Brassring (IBM), Peoplesoft (Oracle), Workday, ADP, Silkroad, Monster, CareerBuilder/Luceo, Ceridian, Jobvite, Greenhouse, Position Manager (HealthcareSource), HRM Direct and ClearCompany. In many cases, an integration is built between the HRIS/HCM, ERP, or former CRM or ATS (if that system is still in use as an employee database) and iCIMS' platform, which serves as the talent acquisition system of record.
Can all of my existing resumes and candidate/employee data be migrated to iCIMS?
Yes. iCIMS will assist with the migration of your existing data into the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform.
Can all of my legacy data, including requisitions, contacts, attachments and so on be migrated to iCIMS?
Yes. iCIMS' implementation team will work with you to help facilitate the migration of your legacy data into the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform.
I have a lot of data that needs to be migrated from my existing system to the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Platform. Will I be charged a fee for this?
While some competitors charge thousands of pounds in added fees because of the amount of data that need to be migrated, iCIMS does not charge customers based on the volume of the migration. Instead, customers pay a one-time implementation fee that includes the migration of all data, as well as any preferred system configurations, career site branding, onboarding portal branding and new user training.
Once my data is fully migrated, what will the transition to the platform be like?
Before you go live with the system, iCIMS will give you time to test the configurations made to the platform in order to ensure that the system accurately reflects your workflow needs. Your users will then be trained on the configured platform with consideration to how your organisation will use the system to manage your unique hiring process.
I still have questions before I select iCIMS for my company's talent acquisition solution needs. How can I get them answered?
You can call iCIMS toll free at 1.800.889.4422 or contact our sales team at sales@icims.com for more information.
I am an existing iCIMS customer. Where do I go for help with my iCIMS login?
Every iCIMS client has its own personal iCIMS URL and database, allowing us to provide every customer with a secure, configured experience. To log in, please visit your iCIMS hosted database, and enter your username and password. If you still need help or can't remember your iCIMS login credentials, please refer to the Logging in and out of the iCIMS Talent Platform knowledge base article on the iCARE Customer Support site.