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TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance-critical applications. With years of experience and expertise in engineering and delivering electronics built for the harshest environments across industrial, transportation, aerospace, defence and medical markets, TT Electronics works hard to develop cutting-edge innovation in some of the fastest-growing markets in the global economy.

The Opportunity

As a dynamic company that transforms quickly through frequent acquisitions, TT Electronics was searching for a recruitment-focused platform to help centralisetalent acquisition across the organisation. With more than 27 international locations and 5,000 personnel worldwide, the business recognisedthe need for an applicant tracking system (ATS) capable of attracting the niche engineering candidates needed to bridge the massive skills shortage within the industry. A huge contrast existed between the candidates TT Electronics needed and candidates in the labour market.

Additionally, TT Electronics was looking to eliminate outside agency costs while building an online presence to bring in candidates from new sources. Eager to make its reputation known through out the regions where it recruits, including the United States, Europe, China, Mexico, and Malaysia, TT Electronics needed to be more strategic about achieving greater visibility amongst its target audience.

With agency fees increasing and processes becoming more complex, it was time to implement an industry-leading ATS to help streamline recruitment.

The Result

TT Electronics has implemented consistent recruitment processes across the entire organisation with the support of the iCIMS Talent Cloud. With iCIMS, Dennis van de Ven, HR manager and global HR projects manager, and his team have been able to clearly define where enhancements to their recruitment strategy can continue to be made.

Though each business unit is still operating with its own HR team, the success of utilising iCIMS as part of one cohesive recruitment system has enabled TT Electronics to establish a dedicated recruitment team to address industry-specific talent acquisition challenges. “The steps we’ve taken with iCIMS are huge. Because they’ve been so successful, we’ve been able to get the investment needed for what’s next,” said Van de Ven.

iCIMS has helped TT Electronics attract proficient candidates from brand-new sources, as well as from sources that had previously provided no applicants at all.

This increase in qualified candidate pipeline has allowed TT Electronics to cut out the costly agencies it once relied on, accounting for more than £170,000 in savings. Van de Ven also credits this achievement to a candidate experience that is well-suited to each applicant’s expectations when applying or interacting with the career site. “Without streamlined recruitment processes, having all of those candidates sit in an HR manager’s inbox and potentially having all that activity lost, these are costs that were hidden,” added Van de Ven.

iCIMS has also provided TT Electronics with insight into data and metrics that it could not previously access. Now with everything in one place, visibility throughout the business has improved tremendously. “We now have metrics on how much time it takes per geographic location to approve jobs and related tasks.


It’s been so easy to use across the business, and our finance teams now fully rely on iCIMS in terms of the job approval process,” said Van de Ven. With clean data and metrics, iCIMS has empowered TT Electronics to maintain compliance under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “With iCIMS, data is much more established and secure. iCIMS is way ahead of the game in terms of providing customers with GDPR compliance in an efficient way, without it being very time consuming. We now enforce that every candidate must go through the iCIMS portal, or else they will not be considered,” stated Van de Ven.

Additionally, iCIMS’ customer service has provided Van de Ven and his team with a high level of expertise within the platform and a consultative approach to help them continue to maximise iCIMS.

iCIMS has provided TT Electronics with a simple way of establishing a system that is user-friendly and can be used around the globe. “iCIMS is an ideal tool to scale very quickly. It is seamless and flexible for us to expand iCIMS to other businesses easily and can be adopted immediately,” added Van de Ven. With proper infrastructure and tangible data, iCIMS has completely transformed and centralised talent acquisition for TT Electronics as it continues to build and scale for the future.

“The steps we’ve taken with iCIMS are huge. Because they’ve been so successful, we’ve been able to get the investment needed for what’s next.”

- Dennis van de Ven,
HR manager and global HR projects manager, TT Electronics