OHL easily reaches candidates while optimizing recruitment efforts with iCIMS

Construction and Building Materials

New York, NY

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Applicant Tracking, Candidate Relationship Management, Text Engagement, and Onboarding


  • South Florida Business Journal Top General Contractor
  • Engineering News-Record Best Airport Transit Award
  • Safety & Health Administration Star Status Award for Work Safety Excellence
  • Association of the American Institute of Architects Merit Award of Excellence

OHL is a leader in the construction industry, with a century-old legacy of delivering complex civil infrastructure projects worldwide. With operations across nine states and more than 2,000 engineering and construction professionals across the region, OHL specialises in the design, financing, and modernisation of highways, bridges, transit systems, hospitals, and schools. OHL’s dedicated personnel, expertise, and innovative solutions are the foundation of its success.

The Challenge

OHL’s recruiters found it increasingly difficult to maintain strong relationships with both job applicants and internal stakeholders. Hiring for a variety of positions, from entry level field operations roles to executive level management positions, the recruiting team was receiving few responses from candidates. Those who did respond were slow to do so.

Additionally, with no applicant tracking system (ATS) to support their recruiting efforts, OHL’s recruiters often wasted their time trying to fill roles for which headcount was not confirmed. OHL’s recruiting team was manually tracking their complex job offer approval process. In most cases, tracking the offer often took more time than it did to get the offer approved.

Leaning on outside agencies for assistance was getting costly. That’s when OHL began to look for a talent solution that could streamline and centralise its recruiting process.

How iCIMS Helped

iCIMS’ Talent Cloud gives OHL insight into its recruiting performance. From candidate records to the cost and ROI of career fairs, all OHL’s data is now in one place. This has greatly improved its team’s cohesion and effectiveness.

“iCIMS has a lot of great functionality that’s helped us streamline multiple processes,” said Adam Ingber, CHRO.

OHL’s recruiters have also become more efficient in their day-to-day routines. As the recruiting team reviews resumes in the Talent Cloud, they can begin the initial screening process by clicking on the candidate’s phone number to begin a text message. This provides a quick and easy way for recruiters to ask qualifying questions, like how soon a candidate would be willing to.

iCIMS has also enhanced OHL’s interview scheduling process. Line Managers provide their availability to recruiters via phone, while recruiters simultaneously text message candidates from their dashboards to confirm interview dates and times.

Communication with all parties involved in the recruiting process has improved greatly. “As a result of iCIMS, we’ve created a better partnership with our line Managers by providing them with detailed reports on open positions and candidate statuses. iCIMS has been wonderful for engagement, giving us another touch point to connect with our candidates,” stated Johnson.

As OHL strives to add another century to its rich history, it is confident that iCIMS will help it continue to strengthen and streamline its recruitment strategy going forward.




“iCIMS reporting is great and provides us with the ability to track multiple metrics. One key area we measure is cost savings, and with the help of iCIMS, our recruiting team was able to drastically reduce the high spend on outside agency fees.”