Global software provider recruits locally with customizable Talent Cloud

Software development and services

Madison, Alabama

NUMBER OF Personnel:
4,000+ in 60 countries


Applicant Tracking, Candidate Relationship Management, and Onboarding


HRIS Integration (ADP), Job Distribution Integration (JobTarget)

Hexagon PPM –the world’s leading provider of software for designing and operating plants, ships, and offshore facilities for the oil, gas, and construction industries –used a patchwork of talent acquisition technologies before switching to iCIMS to support its workforce of 4,000 personnel in 60 countries.

For Hexagon to effectively migrate to one global platform, it needed to ensure its decentralised recruitment teams were properly supported. Hexagon partnered with iCIMS’ implementation experts to devise and execute a region by region plan, configuring the platform for each office during relatively slower recruiting times.

Hexagon created a relevant, personalised candidate experience by using separate, interactive career portals for each region. Hexagon’s brand team builds their career portals on top of the iCIMS Talent Cloud, highlighting regional culture by sharing stories of real personnel. For example, job seekers interested in opportunities at its Madison, Alabama headquarters can put themselves in the shoes of a Hexagon employee by taking a self-guided, virtual tour of the corporate campus.

“I now pull a report, export it to Excel in a matter of seconds, add in my notes and anything else senior leadership might need –that’s priceless. We’ve never been able to do that before iCIMS.”

With one global platform, Hexagon:

  1. Enables leadership to track progress against global KPIs. Reports include but are not limited to: time-to-fill, acceptance rates and internal fill rates.
  2. Customises career portals to support country-specific needs. As a company that conducts business in English, most all of Hexagon’s career portals are in English. However, to effectively attract candidates in Japan and Korea, the portals are supported in their native language.
  3. Supports different recruitment activities by region.
    For instance, recruiters in its Asia-Pacific region use iCIMS’ Candidate Relationship Management to proactively engage candidate pipelines by emailing them company information and updates.
  4. Empowers personnel to proactively further their careers with an internal one-stop shop portal, which allows them to search by job and location, and submit a CV/CV to that job so that it goes directly to the right recruiter for review.

“For many years, the regions operated via paper with no system in place. Getting everyone into iCIMS’ Applicant Tracking was a very, very big deal for us.”

Terra Argraves,
Talent Acquisition & Engagement Manager