iCIMS helps Allan Myers increase completed applications and grow talent pool

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Applicant Tracking, Candidate Relationship Management, Text Engagement, and Onboarding

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  • 25th on ENR’s Top Heavy Civil Contractors List
  • ENR Mid-Atlantic Contractor of the Year

Allan Myers is the largest heavy civil construction company and materials provider in the Mid-Atlantic with seven regional offices and 15 asphalt and aggregate plants. With a workforce of more than 2,000 hard working men and women, and their own extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment, there’s no job they can’t tackle.

The markets they serve include design-build, site development, transportation, water and asphalt, and aggregate production. With more than 75 years of history under their belt, they’re constantly growing and pushing themselves to take on new challenges that are bigger and bolder. Their customers consist of private developers, general contractors, DOTs, government agencies and military organisations.

The Challenge

Allan Myers prides themselves on being able to tackle any job. But when it came to building their own pipeline of talent, the company was struggling to break ground.

Hiring high volumes of hourly craft professionals (CDL drivers, equipment operators, and carpenters), as well as salaried office professionals and construction management, the recruiting team was plagued with low response rates to phone calls and emails. Without an applicant tracking system the recruiting team found themselves playing phone tag with candidates and trying to avoid interrupting them while on the job site.

Though candidates were using their mobile phones to start the application process, the recruiting team was inundated with incomplete applications on their career site. This led to difficulties assessing which positions these individuals were suitable for with no way to keep track of past qualified candidates.

In order to look for new candidates, the recruiting team was forced to manually extract information from each of their individual job board databases. Even more time was invested documenting and tracking each candidate. New personnel were then required to spend their entire first day manually filling out an abundance of paperwork.

How iCIMS Helped

iCIMS’ Talent Cloud has made the entire Allan Myers human resources department more efficient. “iCIMS has completely transformed the way we recruit and onboard candidates. It’s now our one-stop shop to view new applications and keep track of past candidates to reach out to later,” said Samantha Herbein, human resources generalist.

iCIMS has automated most of the recruiting team’s processes, allowing them to track candidates’ progress through the workflow with just a few clicks. The recruiting team easily gets new hires up and running more efficiently, giving them the ability to complete all required paperwork electronically before showing up on their first day.

Allan Myers also piloted iCIMS’ Text Engagement solution to help recruiters schedule interviews, remind candidates to complete applications, and send and confirm receipt of orientation information, all via text message. The impact and immediate, leading to the system’s quick adoption across the recruiting team. The Talent Cloud also made it easy for the recruiting team to stay compliant, eliminating the need for recruiters to provide their private phone numbers to candidates. By incorporating text messaging into their recruiting strategy, Allan Myers has benefited from a 15-fold increase in completed applications.


The recruiting team uses geotagging to re-engage applicants in specific areas. Candidates are screened by recruiters and then marked as potential workers in specific regions in iCIMS. When an Allan Myers project starts in that area, a mass text message is sent out to inform local candidates that a job site is opening nearby.

They also schedule all their hourly-worker interviews and quickly respond to any questions. “Text messaging was a key component to building out our talent pipeline. We’ve increased our candidate talent pool ten-fold,” Herbein said.

Allan Myers’ recruiting team effortlessly maintains relationships with candidates and easily contacts previously unreachable candidates about future opportunities or unfinished applications. “Being able to pull candidate reports out of iCIMS for a specific position and then contact them allows us to easily reach qualified candidates,” Herbein said. Missing out on these qualified candidates hinders our company growth.”

With iCIMS, Allan Myers stopped losing out on potential candidates by building stronger relationships with them. Being able to rely on these tools has allowed Allan Myers to confidently refine their talent acquisition strategy while scaling for the future.

“Talent Acquisition is a major focus of our CEO and executive committee,” he said. “We invest in technologies and strategies, such as iCIMS, that help us hire the people we need to help the company succeed.”